10 Mistakes you must avoid after a car accident

Published: March 31, 2022

It’s not always the novice drivers that end up in a car crash. Sometimes even expert drivers can end up in a car accident because of distractions or an amateur driver at the other end.  

Whatever the cause of the accident may be, it can be devastating to the victims. In addition to the suffering of the injuries, the bills and lost wages don’t make things easy. 

With the accident draining the victim and dear ones financially, physically, and mentally, most of them make some mistakes. And these ten mistakes are the most common, which can affect the outcome of their compensation. 

10 Mistakes to avoid after an auto accident

Do not leave the accident spot.

It doesn’t matter who was at fault. Do not leave the accident spot as the courts can charge you with a misdemeanor or felony. While you may leave if there was only minor property damage, go only after exchanging your contact and insurance information. 

Not exchanging information

You must exchange contact and insurance information with other parties. Without this data, it’ll be challenging to hold them accountable for any damages they may be responsible for. 

It’s even better if you took some effort to check in on the other drivers, see that they are okay, and understand their perspectives about the accident. 

Insufficient scene of crime evidence

Only the relevant and sufficient evidence collected from the crime scene can help your insurance claim. In addition to the victim’s contact information, you also need to take photos of your injuries, the property and vehicular damage, and the accident spot. If you cannot do this, at least enlist the help of the witnesses to do the same. 

Not collecting witness information. 

You will also need to collect the witnesses’ contact information. While making your claim, you may require their testimonies to improve your lawsuit significantly.

Not informing the police.

Many people avoid contacting the police after a car wreck because:

  • They aren’t ready to shoulder the responsibility of the accident
  • Not interested in speaking to them about the accident

However, this is a huge mistake. 

No matter what, you need to inform the police after the accident. The police report they provide is vital evidence for your claim. Along with any medical assistance you receive from the paramedics, the information will help with your case. 

Neglecting medical treatment

You must consult your doctor, no matter how well you think you feel. You never know if and when you have some internal injuries. 

Your doctor’s report, treatment, and medication will prove the severity of your injuries and help build your case and compensation amount. You’ll especially need it if you don’t receive the compensation you deserve from the insurance company. 

Delaying in making a claim

Every state has a statute of limitations, the time limit you have to make a claim. If you delay the claim process, you may exceed the statute of limitations, leading to the possible dismissal of your claim. 

Speaking to the at-fault party’s insurance company

All insurance companies work at paying minimal compensation and, in the end, make a profit for the company. So by filing a claim on your own, you risk a claim dismissal or may receive minimal compensation. 

To avoid making this mistake, it’s always better to leave all the talking to your Florida car accident attorney. 

Providing false or incorrect information

You must always speak the truth, especially with the insurance company. Saying something wrong or false, even accidentally, can damage your claim. Anything inaccurate about the incident can be used against you and possibly have your claim or lawsuit denied. 

Agreeing for less

Insurance companies know that you have bills to pay and are in dire need of money. They will offer a compensation amount and entice you to accept it as a solution to your financial woes. 

They are in the business to profit, so it’s usually a low-ball amount. If you accept this, you won’t be able to claim any more compensation. Besides, you will never know how much you will require for your bills until you recover.

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These are the ten most common mistakes accident victims make, and hiring a competent car accident lawyer in Florida is the best way to avoid them. We have handled so many similar cases and will be able to get you the compensation you deserve.