Eight questions to ask before hiring your Florida Medical Malpractice lawsuit lawyer

Published: March 31, 2022

It’s normal to turn to doctors and healthcare professionals when we suffer from a health condition. However, do you wonder what to do if you suffer some form of health setback because of their negligence? 

Yes, while it’s difficult to believe, medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the US every year! 

You may not be able to do much about the health consequences. However, you can at least seek compensation for their negligence with the help of a medical malpractice lawyer. 

But before hiring one, there are some questions to ask your lawsuit attorney to ensure you hire the right person for your case. 

8 questions to ask your medical malpractice lawyer

Do I have a case?

Sometimes even if you think you have a valid case, there may be reasons why it won’t hold up in court. Reasons like lack of objective evidence and you’re not sharing some relevant information can lead to a poor case. 

Asking your attorney if you have a case or not is the first question you should ask. You only add up to your existing costs if you take a doctor to court but don’t have a case.

How will I know if I have a valid case?

You know you have a valid case if you can prove that: 

  • Your doctor or healthcare provider administered poor care and treatment below the accepted standards of an equally qualified professional providing similar treatment.
  • You would not have suffered if your doctor had treated you correctly. 

Your lawyer’s medical team will prove helpful in providing evidence to show if these standards were met or not. 

Did my doctor make a mistake?

This question is complicated because you may feel the doctor is at fault if their treatment fails. However, various reasons decide who’s at fault. 

The court is usually lenient towards the doctor if it is a complicated or risky procedure. And if you agreed to the treatment despite knowing the risks, the court may not find the case in your favor. 

However, if it was an easy procedure anyone could do, the court may consider the doctor to be at fault. 

How will you protect my interests?

Ask the attorney how much experience they have handling similar cases, especially your specific health issue. You can confidently hand over the case to an experienced attorney who can handle it better.

They will know what approach the opponent and their insurance company may adopt with their expertise. Most insurers have efficient legal teams that can uncover technical issues which will devalue your claim. You don’t want to hire someone inexperienced who may lose your case due to these technicalities. 

A successful claim is higher if you hire a lawyer who is an experienced medical malpractice litigator. These lawyers usually have a team of highly qualified and experienced medical experts who can help build a strong foundation for your case. 

What compensation will I receive?

While you can claim millions through medical malpractice lawsuits for injuries suffered, it depends on factors like the injury, your medical expenses, and lost wages. 

A good lawsuit lawyer will be able to determine an amount that covers all your costs incurred. 

Should I consider an out-of-court settlement?

This is a common question as people think that lawyers only work in court. However, not many know that most settlements are reached in private, without any judge or jury. 

It saves time and money and is usually the best option if there’s some agreement between the parties. When the plaintiff and defendant aren’t ready to compromise, they go to court to settle.

What are your fees?

You don’t usually have to ask this question or worry about fees. Most medical malpractice lawyers work on a contingency basis where you pay only if you win your case. 

How long will the case be?

There is no fixed timeframe for the case because it depends on multiple factors. It depends on relevant records, investigation of the matter, mediation, and trial. Your lawsuit lawyer will be able to determine an approximate timeline based on your case and how you will have to participate. 

The right medical malpractice lawyer puts you in a better position.

Nobody wants to look for a medical malpractice lawyer because of a faulty medical procedure. However, if you are a victim, you need the best Florida lawsuit lawyer to help you get the compensation you deserve.