Importance of tire safety to avoid breakdown and crashes

Published: May 4, 2022
Importance of tire safety to avoid breakdown and crashes
Mechanic changing tires in a car service

Tires are vital for your car’s improved safety, performance, efficiency, and traction on roads.

The thing is that many drivers don’t observe proper tire safety and maintenance. As a result, many car accidents and breakdowns result from tire problems, leading to devastating damages, injuries, and death.

A car accident lawyer will help you claim compensation for injuries and damages you sustain from a car crash because of tire failure. However, it’s still better to avoid this accident by observing proper tire safety and maintenance, as explained in this article.

Why Observe Proper Tire Safety and maintenance

Tire safety revolves around keeping your tires in good condition. You may need to conduct simple tasks like checking the tread depth and tire pressure. However, you may also need to bring your car to a mechanic for professional tire servicing, like replacement.

And it leads to some benefits like:

  • Providing better control over your vehicle. Your car will run in a straight line and avoid accidents while accelerating and braking.
  • Preventing sudden breakdowns like tire bursts. Thus, you won’t require unplanned stops to fix the tires or waste time waiting for your mechanic.
  • Avoiding unexpected costs as you won’t require unexpected tire repairs and replacements. Moreover, good condition tires help cars run smoother, which is vital to improving fuel efficiency.

Helpful Tips for Tire Maintenance and Safety

Now, here are some essential points to remember for keeping your tires in good condition:

Choose the Correct Replacement Tires

Always select the correct types when replacing old tires and never settle on cheap but wrong choices.

Each vehicle has a specific tire type, and mismatched tires pose significant safety risks as they wear out unevenly.

Turn to the Mechanic for Tire Replacements

Always have your mechanic replace your tire instead of doing it yourself. 

A professional correctly installs the new tires while observing proper balance and alignment. Adequate tire balance ensures the tires have equal weight, while alignment ensures they run in a straight line. And both factors are essential for comfortable and safe driving.

Regularly Inspect Tire Pressure

Sufficient air pressure helps a tire last longer and contributes to smooth driving. You thus need to regularly check the tire pressure at least once a month to ensure it’s on the correct level.

Use a tire pressure gauge for accurate readings, and don’t rely on built-in tire pressure systems in some cars. You may also bring your vehicle to the mechanic for this inspection, as they can also address tire pressure problems when necessary.

Check the Treads

Tire threads help prevent wheels from slipping over the road. So regular tire thread depth inspections will help avoid accidents.

The penny test can help you check the tread depth. You only have to insert a penny into the tread with Lincoln’s head upside-down. You need to replace the tire if you can see the top of Lincoln’s head.

Rotate the Tires Regularly

Front tires wear down a bit faster than rear tires. Moreover, rear tires generally wear down in the middle while the front tires wear out at the edges. You thus need to rotate the tires so they wear down evenly.

Rotating tires involves swapping the front and rear tires, which you should do every 5000 miles.

Watch Out for Signs of Tire Failure

Tire problems can show some signs like:

  • Uneven or excessive tread wearing
  • Tire bubbles or bulges
  • Cracks and cuts
  • Excessive vibration while driving

These signs may indicate crucial tire problems that require immediate attention. For example, tires with bubbles or bulges have higher risks of bursting, and excessive vibration indicates tire misalignment or improper installation.

Immediately consult your mechanic if you notice these signs.

Drive Responsibly

Some improper driving actions can put extra pressure on your tires, especially sudden braking and acceleration.

These actions cause more wear and tear to your tires and reduce their lifespan, and may even cause significant tire damage that leads to possible accidents.

Call a Car Accident Lawyer If You Face a Car Crash

Remember the seven tips above to enjoy tire safety benefits and avoid accidents because of tire failures.

However, accidents may still happen because of other drivers’ negligence or faulty tires from the manufacturer. Thankfully, you may file a case and claim compensation to protect your right to get involved in a car crash.

And if this happens, a reliable car accident lawyer will help you get the compensation you deserve.