What to Do if You Are Injured at a Place of Business

Published: May 26, 2020


Businesses have a duty to keep their premises safe for people lawfully on their property. However, sometimes businesses are negligent in protecting those on their premises from harmful or dangerous conditions. Too often, people are seriously injured and sometimes killed at apartment complexes, gas stations, hotels, nightclubs, stores, malls, and restaurants because of inadequate security or unsafe conditions existing on the premises.

Serious injuries and deaths occur at businesses because of many reasons:

  • Inadequate security measures
  • Liquids or other substances left on the floor
  • Stairways or steps that are slippery or poorly maintained
  • Sidewalks that are cracked or uneven
  • Poor lighting
  • If you are injured at a place of business, do the following as soon as you are able, or have someone do them for you:

If you are injured at a place of business, do the following as soon as you are able, or have someone do them for you:

REPORT THE INCIDENT. An incident report will help memorialize your version of what happened. This is helpful in those cases where a business doesn’t want to take responsibility for their negligence. Although you may not be given a copy of the incident report at the time of your incident, your attorney may be able to obtain it at some point in your case.
TAKE PICTURES OR VIDEOS. A picture is worth a thousand words! A photograph or video of the scene of an incident or its aftermath may help to show why a business was negligent and help to prove your case.
GO TO THE DOCTOR. Get treatment for your injuries immediately, even if at the time of the accident, you feel like you only have minor injuries. Often, you may not notice or feel the full extent of an injury until the excitement of the incident wears off, which may be hours or even days later. An immediate doctor’s visit will document your injuries and give credibility to your case from the time of the accident.
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