7 Common Misconceptions About Car Accident Claims Debunked

Published: February 15, 2022

Did you sustain injuries and damages from an auto accident?

If yes, you may claim compensation to cover expenses and financial loss because of accident-related injuries. The problem is that there are a few misconceptions about car accident lawsuits in Florida. 

These misconceptions will make you take the wrong steps when filing a claim, and you thus stand to lose the compensation you deserve.

Knowing and avoiding these common myths about auto accident lawsuits will help optimize your case.

7 auto accident lawsuit myths in Florida to avoid

1. Filing a Police Report is Unnecessary for Minor Car Accidents

Drivers often think they don’t need to file police reports if they sustain only minor injuries and damages from a car crash. However, this action may lead to violation charges and significant problems when filing a car accident case.

So, if involved in a car crash, stop your vehicle and file a police report. Also, collect the other driver’s name, contact details, car information, and insurance card.

2. Car accident laws are similar in all states

Car accident laws significantly differ from one state to another.

For example, Florida imposes the no-fault law if you sustain injuries in a car accident, while California uses the comparative fault law.

So, a Florida court may allow you to claim compensation for injuries, even if you are at fault in a car crash. On the other hand, a California court will distribute the fault among all involved parties to determine rightful compensation.

Consult a Florida car accident lawyer to explain the state’s car accident law to you.

3. You May Admit You’re At-Fault to the Other Driver

False. Admitting your fault for the accident to the other driver only ruins your lawsuit. You don’t know if you are at fault because you haven’t seen the other driver behind the wheel.

For example, while you may feel you had miscalculated a U-turn, the other driver may have been texting and missed your car. And this may have caused the accident.

4. Hiring a Lawyer is Expensive and Impractical

Many car crash victims don’t hire lawyers because they worry about the attorney fees. However, this misconception will only lead to you receiving lower compensation.

It’s because calculating the rightful benefits is a complex process requiring professional skills. Moreover, you need an expert lawyer to defend the compensation you deserve against the other party’s insurance provider.

In other words, a reliable car accident attorney in Florida will optimize your case and get the highest compensation. You will get a higher amount even after deducting the attorney fees.

5. You must Give a Recorded Statement to the Other Party’s Insurance Carrier

You must not give any recorded statement to the other party’s insurance provider. Doing so only ruins your claim because the insurance company may use your recorded words against you.

For example, they may start recording your voice and ask about your injuries, and you say you are already recovering. They may edit the recording and use your statement to prove you don’t need a higher compensation.

Letting a Florida car accident lawyer communicate with the insurance providers is the best option to protect your case.

6. You Can Only Claim Compensation for Physical Injuries and Damages

Yes, you may claim compensation for physical injuries and damages in your car accident lawsuit, like coverage for medical expenses and treatment.

However, you may also claim other types of compensation like:

  • Lost wages and income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages if applicable

Call a car accident attorney in Florida to know the damages you may claim for your unique case. 

7. You Can Only Claim Compensation from the Other Driver

Always remember that aside from the other driver, you may also claim compensation from your car insurance provider.

Florida law mandates all drivers to include Personal Injury Protection (PIP) in their car insurance. PIP covers some financial troubles you may sustain because of injuries from an auto accident, like:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Other injury-related expenses, like child care services, if you can’t take care of your child because of your injuries.

The thing is that PIP can only cover up to a particular compensation amount. That’s when you should take action against the other driver to claim additional benefits.

Call a Florida Car Accident Lawyer to Guide You in Filing a Lawsuit

Be careful with these seven misconceptions when filing a car accident lawsuit. They can mislead you away from the compensation you deserve for your injuries and damages.

A car accident attorney in Florida will help you file a lawsuit properly.